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Welcome to Stirling Natural Environment Coastcare INC.

Stirling Natural Environment Coastcare is a group of volunteers working to rehabilitate the coastline from Peasholm Dog Beach (in Scarborough) to Watermans Bay in the Perth metropolitan area. Our area of interest extends across City of Stirling's 6-1/2 km of coastal foreshore. 


The enthusiasm of Stirling Natural Environment Coastcare is well recognised within the community. Strong partnerships have been established with the City of Stirling, Woodside, Conservation Volunteers Australia, RecFishWest, local school groups and universities.

Birak (Dec/Jan)

The first summer.

Represented by the colour red (symbolising heat, sun and fire)

Birak season sees the rains ease up and the warm weather really start to take hold. The afternoons are cooled by the sea breezes that abound from the southwest. This was the fire season, a time to burn the country in mosaic patterns.

An almost clockwork style of easterly winds in the morning and sea breezes in the afternoon, meant that traditionally this was the burning time of year for Nyoongar people.

They would burn the country in mosaic patterns for several reasons including fuel reduction, increasing the grazing pastures for some animals, to aid in seed germination for some plants and for ease of mobility across the country.


As for the animals, there are many fledglings now venturing out of nests, though some are still staying close to their parents. Reptiles are looking to shed their old skin for a new one.

With the rising temperatures and the decreasing rainfall, it's also time for the baby frogs to complete their transformation into adulthood.

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Work sessions are every Tuesday and Thursday from 8am-10am; and the last Sunday of every month at 8.00-10.00am

Please check the Facebook page or call Charlene on 0407 415 808 for further updates.

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A BIG thanks to all the groups who have helped restore The City of Stirling Coastline.

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