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Cassytha racemosa - Dodder Laurel

The orange-brown stems of this plant twine and mat over other plants. Flowers occur year round. They are a parasitic plant like other members of the laurel family. 

Clematis linearifolia - Old Mans Beard
A climber to several metres with conspicuous clusters of white flowers and very hairy seeds, which look like a beard. Flowers occur between March and May, and again between August and December.


Conostylis candicans subsp. Calcicola - Grey Cotton Heads

A grass like pereninnial shrub that grows to about 0.4m. The yellow flowers form dense clusters between August and November.

Conostylis setigera - Bristly cottonhead / Lemon Lights

A small tufted perennial grass. It  grows to between 5 and 36 cm high and produces yellow flowers between August and November. 

Desmocladus flexuosus

A perennial herb to 1.5 metres tall. Flowers are produced from July to October.

Dianella revoluta var. divaricata - Blue Flax-lily

A grass that grows to 1.5m high with flat sword like leaves and hanging blue to purple flowers which occur between October and December. 

Diplolaena dampieri - Coastal Rose

A medium sized shrub that can grow to 1.5metres.  The leaves are a shiny green with a creamy white underside.  The flowers are red and occur between August and November.

Eremophila glabra - Tar Bush

It grows to between 0.1 and 3 metres in height and has yellow, orange, red or brown flowers between March and December. 

Exocarpos sparteus - Weeping Cherry Bush

A straggly shrub that grows up to 2 metres and has short grey-green leaves.  It produces clusters of bright red berries at about 5mm across. The fruit occurs from Febuary to May.

Ficinia nodosa - Knotted Club Rush

A perennial sedge with rigid stems to 1m high. The flowers produce a brown spikey ball.
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Flora composite pictures supplied by Dr. Judith Fischer

(taken from ‘Coastal Plants – Perth and the South-West Region’ Elizabeth Rippey and Barbara Rowland.and 'Perth Plants' by Russell Barrett and Eng Pin Tay) 
(Compiled by Walter Kolb for Stirling Natural Environment Coastcare - as known and revised at 18 Feb 2013) 

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