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Gastrolobium nervosum

Erect or spreading shrub to 0.2 to 0.8 metres high. Yellow and red pea flowers which occur between July and September.

Hardenbergia comptoniana - Native Wisteria
A twining shrub or climber, with leaves divided into 3 leaflets, long pointed seedpods and masses of purple flowers that occur between July and October.


Hemiandra pungens - Snake Bush.

A prostrate shrub to 1 metre high.  The tubular flowers have two lips, with the a two-lobed upper lip and three-lobed lower lip. The flowers are mauve, reddish pink, pink or white with darker spots inside the throat.


Hibbertia spicata subsp. leptotheca - Glossy-Leaved Coastal Guinea Flower.

Low growing spreading shrub growing up to 50cm high. It has glossy green leaves and and abundance of yellow flowers that occur between July and October.

Hibbertia subvaginata - Dune Guinea Flower

An erect and occasionally prostrate, spreading or straggling shrub, 0.15-1.2 m high. Flowers are yellow and occur between July to December.

Lechenaultia linarioides - Yellow leschenaultia

A sprawling to prostrate shrub up to 1.5 metres high. Flowers are red, pink, yellow, and creamy in colour that occur from June to January. 

Lepidosperma gladiatum - Coast sword sedge.

A herb that forms clumps of up to 1.5metres high.  It has rigid stems that are dark at the base. The flowers are tiny at about 7 to 9 mm and occur from November to January

Leucophyta brownii - Cushion bush

A small dense plant to 60cm tall, which is covered in woolly white hairs.  It has tiny tufted yellow flowers that occur most of the year round.

Leucopogon parviflorus - Coast beard-heath 

An erect shrub to 3 m tall that grows on coastal dunes or sand over limestone. Clusters of white flowers occur between February to Marchand then again from June to October

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Flora composite pictures supplied by Dr. Judith Fischer

(taken from ‘Coastal Plants – Perth and the South-West Region’ Elizabeth Rippey and Barbara Rowland.and 'Perth Plants' by Russell Barrett and Eng Pin Tay) 
(Compiled by Walter Kolb for Stirling Natural Environment Coastcare - as known and revised at 18 Feb 2013) 

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