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Acacia cyclops - Red Eyed Wattle. A shrub or small tree usually growing 1-4 m tall, but occasionally reaching up to 7 m in height. It usually has a shorter more spreading habit when growing on coastal dunes, and a taller more upright habit when growing in inland areas. Used for stabilising the dune ecosystem. 

Acacia lasiocarpa - Dune Moses.  One of the smaller acacias and grows to about 1.5 metres high and 2 metres wide. The flowers are present from May to October.


Acacia rostellifera - Summer Scented Wattle.  A coastal shrub or small tree, to 5m and flowers between August and October.  Plants sucker from underground stems and can form dense thickets. Above ground stems are killed by fire but resprout freely from underground stems. The thickets provide valuable habitat for insects, birds, reptiles and mammals.

Acrotriche cordata - Coast Groundberry. A perennial shrub that grows up to 50 cm tall. Flowering occurs around November. The fruit aregreen, fleshy, spherical in shape and approximately 3 mm wide.

Allocasuarina humilis - Dwarf Sheoak.  Unlike many sheoaks which grow into trees, the dwarf sheoak only reaches 20cm to 2m in height. The reddish-brown male flower spikes are between 6 and 18 mm long and the warty cones are cylindrical, about 12 to 22 mm in length and 10 to 17 mm in diameter.

Austrostipa elegantissima - Australian Feather Grass

A very light, whispy and tufted green perennial herb that occurs throughout all soil types. 

Acanthocarpus preissii - Prickly Lilly  

A low growing, spreading perennial herb 0.2-0.7 metres high. Occurs on coastal limestone and dunes and produces white flowers between April and August.

Anthocercis ilicifolia - Yellow Tailflower

Erect shrub 1 - 2.5m high. Flower yellow with red to brown stripes occurs from September to October and April to May. Occurs on the coastal strip

Atriplex isatidea - Coastal Salt bush 

An erect shrub 1m to 2.5m high. It occurs on coastal sand dunes and produces red flowers March and June with silver foliage.

Carpobrotus virescens - Native Coastal Pigface 

A spreading succulent creeper, that has bright pink flowers that occur between August and September. The base of the flower swells and turns red from December.

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Flora composite pictures supplied by Dr. Judith Fischer

(taken from ‘Coastal Plants – Perth and the South-West Region’ Elizabeth Rippey and Barbara Rowland.and 'Perth Plants' by Russell Barrett and Eng Pin Tay) 
(Compiled by Walter Kolb for Stirling Natural Environment Coastcare - as known and revised at 18 Feb 2013) 

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