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Rhagodia baccata - Berry saltbush

Grows to 2 m high. There are male and female plants and they are salt-tolerant. The deep-red berries are eaten by birds and bobtail lizards.

Spinifex longifolius - Long-leaved spinifex

A perennial grass with male and female plants. Rhizomes spread through the sand forming tussocks which become important dune stabilisers.

Spinifex hirsutus - Satin-leaved spinifex 

A perennial grass, easily recognised by its broad, flat, silvery, leaves which are hairy on both sides. Flowers are silvery white and occur from October top January

Schoenus grandiflorus - Large-flowered bog-rush 

A rhizomatous, tufted perennial sedge that grows to 1.5 m high on coastal sand dunes.  Flowers are brown and occur January, April to June.

Scaevola crassifolia - Thick-leaved fan-flower

 A low spreading shrub with thick, serrated, almost circular leaves. It grows well on dunes and on limestone cliffs. Its flowers are Pale blue or white and occur between June and Febuary

Santalum acuminatum - Quondong

An attractive small tree that can grow to 8 m. A semi-parasite growing on the roots of surrounding plants, preferring wattles and sheoaks. It produces large red balls with a thin skin and a brain looking seed capsule around October.

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Flora composite pictures supplied by Dr. Judith Fischer

(taken from ‘Coastal Plants – Perth and the South-West Region’ Elizabeth Rippey and Barbara Rowland.and 'Perth Plants' by Russell Barrett and Eng Pin Tay) 
(Compiled by Walter Kolb for Stirling Natural Environment Coastcare - as known and revised at 18 Feb 2013) 

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